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Dial your long distance contacts through Call Select’s long distance service by pressing one button on your cell phone.

With Smart-Touch Dial Up you can program your friends and family’s long distance phone number in your cell phone and dial them by pressing one button.

How do you program your phone?

1. Create a new contact in your cell phone.

2. Enter the Call Select access number. Vancouver 604-639-3393

3. Enter a comma followed by 1 followed by another comma “,1,”

4. Enter the friend or family member’s full phone number starting with 011, then country code, the city code followed by the number.
IE: 604-639-3393,1,011-XX-XXX-XXXX

5. To store, press OK or STORE

6. To Dial, look for the name you set up and press SEND.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO ALL CELL PHONES. Please contact your cell phone service provider to see if your make and model can support this option.
Option request is for a “pause” or “,” option.
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